Fearing closure, West Prince curling clubs consider merger (CBC PEI)

Two curling clubs in western P.E.I. are looking to combine their resources to create a single facility that they hope will last into the future.

The Maple Leaf Curling Club in O’Leary and the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton are facing the same issues, aging infrastructure and volunteer fatigue. 

“Both facilities are at a point that it’s inevitable that without help and without pulling together we will both be closed,” said Amy MacMillan, president of the Maple Leaf Curling Club.

The infrastructure at Western Community Curling Club (shown), as well as at Maple Leaf Curling Club, is aging. (Audrey Callaghan)

Every year we’re concerned about raising enough money to keep our doors open, dwindling membership, and workload, the heavy lifting done by a core group of volunteers,” added Victor Hogan of the Western Community Curling Club.

The two clubs already have a good working relationship, collaborating on things such as not hosting events at the same time, and sending teams to support each other’s tournaments.

Planning is still in the very early stages, but the proposal is to build a single new facility at the Mill River Resort, which is close to both towns.

‘A great fit’

The resort already has some crucial infrastructure in place, said Hogan, such as parking, and he believes a curling club there would be a benefit both to the clubs and to the resort.

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