Pepsi U16 Dev’t League, open to all clubs, underway at Cornwall

Here are the Draw and Schedule for the Saturday morning Pepsi U16 Development League, which got underway this morning at the Cornwall Curling Club, and is open to curlers from all PEI curling facilities.

  Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
October 31 Dalton vs Easter Durling vs Carver Lenentine vs Pickard Shaw vs Noonan/Beaulieu
November 28 Easter vs Lenentine Carver vs Shaw Pickard vs Noonan/Beaulieu Dalton vs Durling
December 19 Durling vs Pickard Lenentine vs Noonan/Beualieu Dalton vs Carver Easter vs Shaw
January 30 Carver vs Noonan/Beaulieu Easter vs Durling Shaw vs Pickard Dalton vs Lenentine
February 6 Easter vs Carver Dalton vs Pickard Durling vs Noonan/Beaulieu Shaw vs Lenentine
March 13 Dalton vs Shaw Durling vs Lenentine Carver vs Pickard Easter vs Noonan/Beaulieu
March 20 Easter vs Pickard Dalton vs Noonan/Beaulieu Carver vs Lenentine Durling vs Shaw


All Games are scheduled for 8 ends with a start time of 10:00am, unless otherwise noted; any time changes will be disseminated well in advance.

8th end must be started no later than 1 hour 50 minutes after play commences.

An extra end will be played if the game is tied.

Coaches have unlimited access to the ice during games, but may only communicate with their team when the opposition has control of the house.

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