Rachel MacLean team wins U18 Girls title, Team Snow wins “C” final in Boys event

The Rachel MacLean Girls Team from the Cornwall Curling Club beat the Madalyn Easter rink from the Silver Fox in all three section finals at the PEI Under 18 Curling Championships at the Montague Curling Club. Under the rules, the two game Championship Round is not required, and the MacLean rink wins the event. MacLean won her third section final 8-3 on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, the Brayden Snow team  from Cornwallwon the Boys “C” final 7-2 over Cornwall’s Mitchell Schut team who won the “A” and “B”. The two-game championship round goes at 2 pm and, if needed, 6:30 pm. If double-section-winner Schut wins the first game he will take the title., otherwise a deciding game goes at 6:30.

Girls champs, Left to Right: Rachel Maclean (skip), Lexi Murray (3rd), David Murphy (Coach), Hayden Ford (lead)  Izzy Tatlock (2nd), Avery Nicholson (alternate)

Girls finalists, Left to Right: Madalyn Easter (skip), Reid Hart (3rd), Kenna Warnell (2nd), Brooke Lewis (lead). Missing: Shelley MacFadyen (coach)

End by end results from all draws will be available at PEICurling.com.

Spectators aren’t permitted at this event due to COVID-19 restrictions. Teams Schut and Snow are live-streaming their games on their Facebook pages. 

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