PEI Seniors and Pepsi Juniors ch’ships both start Thurs. Feb. 18 at the Silver Fox

Seven teams to compete for Pepsi Provincial Junior curling titles, 12 for PEI Seniors crowns, in Summerside

The Pepsi Provincial Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s Curling Championships, for curlers in the Under 21 age category, take place at the same time and venue as the PEI Senior Men and Senior Women’s championships, at the 6-sheet Silver Fox Curling Club from February 18-21 2021, with four junior men’s and three junior women’s teams entered in the Pepsi Juniors, with seven Men’s and five women’s rinks entered in the Seniors, for curlers age 50 and over.

The Canadian Juniors event is cancelled this year, but the PEI Seniors champs are scheduled to advance to the Canadian Seniors, with dates and venue yet to be announced (possible dates December 6-11, 2021).

Defending Junior champions the Lauren Ferguson junior women’s team from Cornwall, and the Tyler Smith foursome from the Charlottetown Curling Club are not back this year, as Ferguson is curling in Nova Scotia, while Smith has aged out of Juniors and competed as third stone on the winning PEI Tankard men’s team this year, skipped by Eddie MacKenzie. 

Two-time defending Senior Men’s Champ Phil Gorveatt, out of Montague this year, is back with last year’s team intact. The defending Senior Women’s champions, skipped by Kim Dolan, and representing Cornwall, are also back with their same lineup. 

The Pepsi Juniors play ten-end games, while the Seniors play eight ends.

Teams in both divisions and each event will play modified triple knockout draws, where the winning team from each section also gets to compete in the next section. If a team wins all three sections, they will win the event without a championship round. If a team wins two sections, they will advance to a championship game against the winner of the other section and will take the championship if they win the game. If the other team wins, there will be a second championship game, with the winner of that game going to the nationals. If there are three separate section winners, the team that played in the most section finals will earn a bye to the second championship game where they will face the winner of a game between the other two finalists.

Live results from the provincial Seniors and Pepsi Juniors championships will be available at

Previous PEI Juniors Championship winners and websites are at:

Previous PEI Seniors Championship winners and websites are at:

Draw Charts

(will not be updated during event – refer to live scoring for draw progression)



Explanation for MA/WA and MB/WB:

1. If one team wins all three qualifiers: Championship Round is not required.

2. If one team wins two qualifiers. They play in both MA/WA and MB/WB (and win the event if they win either game), the other winner plays in MA/WB (and has to win both games).

3. Three separate winners: the team that played in the most qualifying games* plays in MB/WB and the other winners play off in MA/WB. If there is a tie in number of qualifying games played, then the team that qualified earliest goes to MB/WB and the other two teams play off in MA/WA

*Qualifying games have a yellow border on the schedule

Team Rosters

Pepsi Juniors 

Junior Men’s Teams Junior Women’s Teams
Team name: Isaiah Dalton
Skip: Isaiah Dalton
Third: Connor Bruce
Second: Sheamus Herlihy
Lead: Nate MacRae
Coach: A.J. Campbell
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Ella Lenentine
Skip: Ella Lenentine
Third: Erika Pater
Second: Kacey Gauthier
Lead: Mollie Shaw
Alternate: Makiya Noonan
Coach: Robbie Lenentine
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Brock Rochford
Skip: Brock Rochford
Third: Keegan Warnell
Second: Jack Chaisson
Lead: Levi Driscoll
Coach: Edward White
Club: Silver Fox Curling Club
Team name: Rachel MacLean
Skip: Rachel MacLean
Third: Sydney Howatt
Second: Amy Spence
Lead: Avery Nicholson
Coach: Carl Nicholson
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Mitchell Schut
Skip: Mitchell Schut (throws 3rd)
Third: Chase Macmillan (throws 4th)
Second: Cruz Pineau
Lead: Liam Kelly
Coach: Pat Quilty
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Katie Shaw
Skip: Katie Shaw
Third: Lexie Murray
Second: Alexis Burris
Lead: Izzy Tatlock
Alternate: Hayden Ford
Coach: David Murphy
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Brayden Snow
Skip: Brayden Snow
Third: Jack MacFadyen
Second: Liam Barbrick
Lead: Davis Nicholson
Coach: David MacFadyen
Club: Cornwall Curling Club

PEI Seniors

Senior Men’s Teams Senior Women’s Teams
Team name: Dale Cannon
Skip: Dale Cannon (Throws 2nd)
Third: Glenn Rogers 
Second: Blair Jay (Throws 4th) 
Lead: Alan Montgomery
Club: Silver Fox Curling Club
Team name: Shirley Berry
Skip: Shirley Berry
Third: Karen Currie
Second: Gloria Turner
Lead: Arleen Harris
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Paul Deveau
Skip: Paul Deveau
Third: Ensor McNeill
Second: Robert Gallant
Lead: Shane MacClure
Alternate: Ian MacDonald
Club: Montague Curling Club
Team name: Kim Dolan
Skip: Kim Dolan
Third: Susan McInnis
Second: Kathy O’Rourke
Lead: Julie Scales
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Freddy Fraser
Skip: Freddy Fraser
Third: Daryl MacDonald
Second: Glen Betts
Lead: Ian MacMillan
Club: Western Community Curling Club
Team name: Wendy Fraser
Skip: Wendy Fraser
Third: Sandra Jones
Second: Sandra Hardy
Lead: Darlene Gallant
Club: Maple Leaf Curling Club
Team name: Philip Gorveatt
Skip: Philip Gorveatt
Third: Kevin Champion
Second: Sean Ledgerwood
Lead: Mike Dillon
Club: Montague Curling Club
Team name: Sandy Hope
Skip: Sandy Hope
Third: Nancy MacFadyen
Second: Karen Hardy
Lead: Glennis Doiron
Coach’s Name: Bill Hope
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Bill Hope
Skip: Bill Hope
Third: Peter Murdoch
Second: David Murphy
Lead: Dario Zannier
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: June Moyaert
Skip: June Moyaert
Third: Bev Harding
Second: Sherren MacKinnon
Lead: Stephanie Perigoe
Club: Montague Curling Club
Team name: John Likely
Skip: John Likely
Third: Peter Gallant
Second: Mark O’Rourke
Lead: Mark Butler
Club: Cornwall Curling Club
Team name: Mark MacDonald
Skip: Mark MacDonald
Third: Garth Cudmore
Second: Allan Acorn
Lead: Edgar Coffin
Club: Cornwall Curling Club

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