Cornwall Curling Club and ParaSport and Recreation PEI partner to hold successful #CurlingDayinCanada Mini-Spiel

(Report from Club Manager Lori Fitzpatrick)

We can’t imagine that anyone had more fun on  #CurlingDayinCanada on Saturday than we did right here on 29 Cornwall Road!! … but we sure hope others did!

As a part of Curling Day in Canada our Club partnered with ParaSport and Recreation PEI to host our first annual “Cornwall Curling Club and ParaSport and Recreation PEI” Mini-Spiel ….and what a time!!

Sam’s Pizza for lunch!

A little coffee and snack to start the day…some fun curling and many great shots were made…a delicious pizza lunch..and tons of great door prizes…

But most of all. LOTS of fun and laughter!!
Laughter filled our clubhouse and shouts of “Great shot!” and “Great Try!” on the ice!

This event was nothing less than heartwarming and we felt it embodied the essence of this great sport~ that is community, connections, physical and mental aptitude … and some good healthy competition!!

A few tears and gratitude were shared ~that we have this opportunity to share space with each other, so much laughter that our tummies hurt, and a true appreciation to be able to be curling this sport… especially right now during these unusual times.

We express a genuine thank you to ParaSport for partnering with us on this event. It was such a pleasure to watch these athletes Curl! I mean wow! So many good shots out there! Guards thrown up, takeouts, and draws to the rings!

A special thank you to Tracy Stevenson, Executive Director for ParaSport and Recreation PEI for all of her time and commitment in planning this fun mini-spiel! Thank you to Kyla, Parasport Program Coordinator, for wearing many hats and being such a cherished part of the event!

We also thank all of our members for bringing their true enthusiasm for the sport of curling and their love of community with them today. It was such a touching experience to look out on the ice and see so many incredibly kind and beautiful people sliding, sweeping, yelling “hurry hard!”… and acting as sweetly during this event as they do every day… that’s is sweet comradeship and kindness.
(And even a competitive but friendly banter!)



Our gratitude to our ‘Development Chair’ Landon Warder, and our Club Past-President Gary O’Sullivan for their time in planning this event, and their leadership every Sunday for the ParaSport ‘Learn to Curl” sessions. Thank you to all volunteers who came out to help support athletes and jumped in to help too!

Lacey, with Fadi from Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant

A big thank you to Board Member Lacey Gallant for helping with lunch service.

This is curling in Canada… and we are very proud to be a part of it.

 Club President Chris MacDougall

Thank you to so many businesses who also contributed to help make this event so special to so many… We promise your contributions are cherished and appreciated!

* Countryview Golf Club for some coveted green fee passes to PEI’s own “Little Augusta”

*COWS?for two gift cards for #CanadasBest ice cream!

*BOOMburger for a gift card for a delicious burger and fries….made with #PEI beef, cheese, and potatoes!

* Downtown Deli and Eatery for a gift card for yummy lunch at a classic downtown restaurant!

* Chris Irwin and Titleist for sleeves of the #itsatitleist #1BallinGolf

* Belvedere Golf Club for green fees passes for PEI’s most historic golf club!
* Arnold Asham and Asham Curling Supplies and Equipment for partnership in providing a cool Asham helmet
* Sam’s Family Restaurant & Pub for partnership on some delicious pizza!
*Jamie Moran for a golf lesson with the 2019 PGA of Canada-Atlantic Teacher of the Year
*Kiera Fitzpatrick Moran for some delicious blueberry crumble muffins.

And of course to @ParaSport and Recreation PEI for sharing some great water bottles, coveted shirts, and four gift certificates for our first place winners!

Congratulations to Team MacDonald for their first-place finish!

Team MacDonald


A big high five to Team Irving for their second-place finish!

Team Irving with Landon

Another congrats to our third-place finishers Team Berry!


Team Berry with Gary O’Sullivan

Here’s an album of additional photos. Click to enlarge, use arrows or swipe to go ahead and back.

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