ICYMI: Charlottetown Curling Club votes to sell location (CBC)

The Charlottetown Curling Club is selling its current location and hoping to find a new one.

The Charlottetown Curling Club is for sale and members are looking for a new home. (Nicola MacLeod/CBC photo)

The club on Euston Street held a meeting Thursday to decide whether to invest in the current facility or to move.

“The biggest factor in the decision-making process was the amount of investment it would take for us to bring this up to the level we would like to have it at today, and the level we need to have it out to go 20 years forward,” said club president Tyler Harris.

The club did not run this winter due to a broken ice plant.

Replacing the entire plant would cost about $250,000 — and that’s on top of other expenses at the club.

“That level of investment, it’s difficult and it’s costly. And the question is whether or not building a new facility is not the wiser choice when we’re faced in this kind of situation,” Harris said.

The club is looking at locations, but Harris didn’t elaborate. He said the club is also considering building a new home.

Click for the full story at CBC PEI: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-charlottetown-curling-club-decision-1.5956229

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