RSVP deadline is today (June 18) for Curl PEI Special General Meeting June 23 at Silver Fox.

Notice of Special General Meeting

June 23, 2021 at 6 pm

Location: Silver Fox Entertainment Complex

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will be a limited number of people allowed to attend the meeting, please RSVP to Amy Duncan at [email protected] by June 18, 2021.

The purpose of the Special General Meeting is to: 

  1. Present amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.  In the spring of 2020 Curl PEI contracted MRSB to complete a review and assist with updating the constitution and bylaws of the organization.  There was a committee struck to work with MRSB through the process.  Attached are the constitution and bylaws as proposed.

While there are many amendments most are housekeeping, i.e. moving sections, cleaning grammar, wording, etc.

There are two aspects to note:

  1. Classification of Members – redefined to align with how we operate.
  2. Virtual Meetings – while our bylaws did not suggest virtual meetings could not be held, this information provides clarity.
  3. Present the changes to the Curl PEI Provincial Championships – Rules of Play.  Below are the proposed additions and amendments.  The additions and amendments have come as recommendations from the Survey Review Committee that was tasked with exploring the results of the survey sent to Curl PEI curlers and member clubs in the spring of 2020.   Attached is a copy of the committee’s report.
  • Proposed Resolution 1:

Be it Resolved that all weekend events should be scheduled to end on a Sunday, starting when required which will be determined by the number of teams entered, host facility capacity and format of the event.

  • Proposed Resolution 2:

Be it Resolved entry deadlines for the following events be the Friday, 6 weeks prior to the respective start dates: U18, Juniors, Women’s, Men’s, Mixed Doubles, Mixed, Club Championships, and Seniors.  Entry deadlines for the following events will be 3 week prior to the respective, approximate, start dates: U13, U16, Masters, and Stick.  Entry deadlines for new events will be determined when created.

  • Proposed Resolution 3:

Be it Resolved #2 in the Curl PEI Provincial Championships – Rules of Play be changed from “All competitors must be affiliated with Curl PEI and adhere to Curling Canada’s Residency eligibility rules.” to “All competitors must be affiliated with Curl PEI and adhere to Curling Canada’s Residency eligibility rules with the following exception: for events in which free agents and birthright status curlers may be included on the roster, teams are only permitted to have up to half the players be non-residents (i.e. 2 players on a 4-person team, 1 player on a 2-person team).

Amy Duncan

Executive Director, Curl PEI

Tel: 902-368-4208

Suite 203

40 Enman Crescent

Charlottetown PE C1E 1E6

Link to Proposed Bylaw Amendments (PDF Format):

Link to Survey Review Committee Final Report – with Executive Summary (PDF Format):

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