Team Brothers, with P.E.I.’s Erin Carmody, playing for spot at an Olympic pre-trials curling event (Saltwire)

(by Jason Simmonds)
OTTAWA, Ont. — The Jill Brothers-skipped rink from Halifax, N.S., is still alive at the Canadian Curling Pre-Trials Direct-Entry Event.

Erin Carmody calls a shot for skip Jill Brothers during play in the Canadian Curling Pre-Trials Direct-Entry Event on the weekend. Carmody, who grew up in Summerside and now lives in Halifax, plays third stone for Team Brothers. Curling Canada/Claudette Bockstael

After losing its first two games, Brothers, third stone Erin Carmody, second stone Kim Kelly, and lead Jenn Mitchell won four straight games to stay alive in the triple-knockout competition. Carmody, a product of the junior curling program at the Silver Fox Entertainment Complex in Summerside, lives in Halifax.

Team Brothers will continue pursuing a berth in the Home Hardware Curling Pre-Trials competition in Liverpool, N.S., against Jessie Hunkin in the second qualifying game on Sept. 26 at 11 a.m. (ADT). The event in Liverpool runs from Oct. 26 to 31.

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