Team Zacharias, which includes PEI’s Lauren Lenentine, featured in 2022 Curling Cares calendar, and are raising funds for the Curling Canada Foundation

Manitoba’s Team Zacharias, which includes PEI’s Lauren Lenentine, is pleased to announce that they are featured in the 2022 Curling Cares Calendar and are raising funds for the Curling Canada Foundation! 

As past recipients of the “For The Love of Curling Scholarship”, they are incredibly honoured to be fundraising for this Foundation.

Let Lauren or the other team members know if you would like a calendar or visit and use their promo code ZACHARIASCARES for a $5 discount when ordering online.

Team Zacharias photo credit: @fireandstonephotography

Story from The Curling News:

22 Athletes in Curling Charity Calendar

Despite a frantic Olympic qualifying season, curling athletes are showing their stuff to raise much-needed dollars for 14 different charities.

A total of 22 athletes have become models in the 2022 Curling Cares Fundraising Calendar, now taking pre-orders.

It’s the largest group of curlers to ever appear in a single calendar, and the mix is eclectic. The 28-page product features individual athletes, mixed doubles pairings, three four-player teams and even a legendary hall of famer.

“We felt confident until the photographer told us to oil up,” said Magnus Nedregotten. The Norwegian, who won Olympic bronze in 2018 with his wife Kristin Skaslien, decided to carry her into a local fjord as dusk approached—along with two 45-pound curling stones.

Total beast mode.


“It ended up being a full body workout for both of us,” Nedregotten said. “We felt like rookies in a beach yoga class, people passing by on their evening walk had some great entertainment.

“The water temperature was not bad, which means 10 degrees in Norway.”

The calendars sell for $34.95 in Canada with international orders available. It’s the ninth such product released since 2011, and over $600,000 has been raised for various charities since 2014.

“We’re delighted to announce that curling is back, and so is the Curling Cares Fundraising Calendar,” said Rick Warner, president of The Community Fundraiser. “As we all fight to emerge from the pandemic, curling athletes are once again stepping forward to help those in need. We ask longtime fans of curling to stand with them and support their efforts.”



The Community Fundraiser/

The two-time Canadian champion women’s foursome skipped by Manitoba’s Kerri Einarson adorns the cover. 

While Canadians take up most of the 12 months, four other nations are represented. For the first time, two Americans are taking part: Tabitha Peterson, who won bronze at the 2021 women’s worlds, and Chris Plys, who finished in the top five at the recent men’s worlds and captured gold at the U.S. mixed doubles championship.

Scotland’s Bruce Mouat, who dominated the abbreviated 2021 curling circuit, is making his second calendar appearance, but first with his men’s teammates.

“The boys and I went down to Cally Palace who own a hotel and golf course near Dumfries,” said Mouat. “They’re part of the McMillan hotel chain who are also one of our sponsors, so they were open to helping us with our idea.

“But we didn’t tell them exactly what we were getting up to.”


“We went down to the course as the sun was setting so we didn’t expect to see many golfers. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to hide from the dog walkers who I am guessing were very confused to see a photoshoot with us there wearing only … well, you’ll just have to see the photos yourself.”

Mouat and mixed doubles partner Jennifer Dodds defeated fellow calendar models Skaslien and Nedregotten to win the 2021 world mixed doubles title in Aberdeen, SCO.

In another first, the 2022 calendar includes a special 18” x 24” centrefold poster. The product size has also increased to a 10” x 13” in portrait dimensions—a throwback to the oversized editions that launched the curling calendar craze in the mid-2000s.

Each month features colour-coded curling championship event listings as well as the historic sports accomplishments of each athlete, listed on the day of each milestone.

Orders start shipping Oct. 26.

“The athletes are looking to drive sales in their communities, even selling in-person where pandemic restrictions permit safe interactions,” said Warner. “Curling fans should watch for special announcements from their favorite athletes and teams, with regard to event sales and online promo codes.”

The list of 2022 Curling Cares Fundraising Calendar athletes is:

Team Kerri Einarson – Manitoba

Marc Kennedy – Alberta

Julie Skinner – British Columbia

Kadriana Sahaidak and Colton Lott – Manitoba

Team Bruce Mouat (Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, Hammy McMillan Jr.) – Scotland

Tabitha Peterson – USA

Team Mackenzie Zacharias (Karlee Burgess, Emily Zacharias, Lauren Lenentine) – Manitoba

Tetsuro Shimizu – Japan

Laurie Ste-Georges – Quebec

Tabitha Peterson – USA

Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten – Norway

Chris Plys – USA

Greg Smith (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Calendars can be ordered at


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