Sat. Morning U16 Development League starting Nov. 6, and open to all PEI U16 teams, has room for one more team

To all PEI U16 curling teams:

Once again, the Cornwall Curling Club will be hosting the Saturday morning PEI U16 Development League.

League play will begin on November 6th and continue on select Saturdays until March 26th. This is an 8 team league and will consist of a full round-robin. There are 7 returning teams, which means there is one open spot.

Entry for this last spot will be open to all U16 eligible teams on PEI. If there are multiple teams inquire about the open spot, a skills-based assessment will be used to fill that spot.

If you are a returning team, you need not apply.

To apply, please contact Robbie Lenentine at (drawmaster) or directly to the Cornwall Curling Club. Entries will be accepted until Thursday October 21st at 5 pm.

2021-22 Saturday U16 Junior Development League Info

The U16 Junior Development League will take place Saturday mornings starting at 10 am. There will be seven sessions over the course of the season. (see below). The Draw Master will attempt to schedule the league play days so as not to conflict with other provincial and Atlantic tournaments schedules, as much as possible. This U16 Junior Development League is intended to provide competitive league experience to U16 junior teams. For many, it will be their first introduction to such. There is a focus on learning the rules around game and tournament play, and a hope that experienced teams will mentor new teams. This league will run a minimum of seven available Saturday mornings. 2021-22 schedule below.

During the first scheduled day, there will be a parent and coach session for the U16 Saturday League Chair and Draw Master to review the rules and guidelines of the league. 

During the 2021-22 season, the league may be practicing social distancing, and all health and safety protocols will be enacted as per our Club Operational Manual(s), and ‘Return to Play’ policies. For more information on this, please inquire with the League Draw Master or Club Manager. 

U16 Development League Schedule for 2021-22

Start time: 10 am.

Saturday, November 6th

Saturday, November 27th

Saturday, December 11th

Saturday, December 18th

Saturday, January 22nd

Saturday, February 12th

Saturday, March 26th

Price $40.00
Tax $6.00
Total $46.00

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