Stratford PEI looking at constructing a curling facility

The Town of Stratford PEI stated today in a media release on long-term planning initiatives that it is looking into a potential curling facility as part of its planned “Community Campus” area between the Stratford Business Park and the Bunbury Road, as shown on this map. The Stratford Community Campus will be developed over a period of years and will include the new high school, sport fields, multi-use courts, trails and a community wellness centre. There is also sufficient land for a junior high school in future. Click for more information on this area.

Though the curling facility was not a top identified project in their Long-Term Budget Priorities exercise, they stated that it was felt that there is a need in the provincial capital area for a new facility (the Charlottetown Curling Club building was sold last year) and this presents an opportunity for it to be located in Stratford to serve not only their residents but a wider area as well, including the planned new high school. They stated that, if approved, it will be constructed and operated in a manner that will not see an impact on municipal taxes.

Concept diagram of Stratford’s proposed Community Campus area

Stratford Town Council earlier this year submitted the following priorities to the Investing in Canada Program (ICIP):

Priority Project Description  ICIP Funding Stream 
 1 Community Campus – site servicing Green – environmental quality
 2 Water Reservoir and Addition of Hydrants Green – environmental quality 
 3 Kelly’s Pond Watershed Restoration  Green – adaption, resilience and disaster mitigation 
 4 Sewer Lift Station Upgrades – Phase 2  Green – environmental quality 
 5 Community Campus – recreation fields  Community, culture and recreation 
 6 Stratford Curling Facility Community, culture and recreation

It is expected that funding will be announced in the near future for approved projects, including the Town of Stratford’s identified projects listed above. 

Stratford Mayor Steve Ogden stated that “There are many exciting projects coming up in Stratford and we look forward to continuing to create a community our residents can be proud of.”

Media release:

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