Job Posting: Cornwall Curling Club seeking Head Ice Technician

The Cornwall Curling Club in Cornwall PEI is seeking a self-motivated individual to fulfill the role of Head Ice Technician.

Training is available for the successful candidate. Compensation to be discussed and will be commensurate with experience. The successful candidate is expected to work 40 hours per
week, including evenings and weekends. They will also be responsible for overseeing the
schedule of assistant ice makers. This is a seasonal position, beginning immediately and will
conclude approximately one week after the closing bonspiel. Curling experience is an asset but
not essential to the position.
Please indicate your interest in this position by Saturday, December 25 at 5:00 PM by emailing
the Board of Directors at [email protected]
Thank you for your interest.


Head Ice Technician

Summary of Responsibilities

The Head Ice Technician is responsible for production, maintenance and coordination of the
curling ice for the Cornwall Curling Club. This includes surface preparation, painting and
sponsor logo execution. The position will also be responsible for proper rock conditioning &
maintenance. Frequent evenings and weekend work is required to ensure proper ice
conditions are in place for scheduled club events. The overall goal/objective is to ensure that
the ice conditions are consistently at a high level for the enjoyment of the club members and

Job Responsibilities
1. Initiate start-up procedures, including, but not limited to
a. Ensuring all blades are sharp for the season
b. Order supplies required for season ice maintenance, e.g. paint
c. Ensure power is turned on and off seasonally
2. Install the ice
3. Ensure all equipment is in working condition on a daily basis and initiating repairs as
4. Maintain the ice throughout the curling season
5. Communicate regularly with club manager and draw master to ensure ice is prepared and
maintained for daily and special events
6. Fire prevention and safety
7. Respond to burglar and ice alarms throughout the season, including times when the club
is not open
8. Recruit, train and supervise temporary staff to assist with ice maintenance
9. Attend meetings regarding ice maintenance needs as required
10. Ensure advertiser’s signage is properly posted
11. Shut down the facility at the end of the season
12. Other duties as assigned by the manager or Board of Directors

This position is accountable to the Facilities Director and the Board of Directors for the
interpretation, application and fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities.
Relationship Responsibilities
They will keep informed on changing techniques relating to the fulfillment of the job
They will establish and maintain an excellent climate of working relations both inside and
outside the club consistent with encouraging improved performance at all levels.
They will keep the manager informed of the operations and of any unusual matters that may
affect budgets or ice conditions.
They will seek to improve on-ice technician skill and knowledge.
They will train and supervise all ice maintenance assistants.

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