Update: U16 start times now at 2 and 6 pm today. PEI Mixed Doubles and U16 Ch’ships both start today (Fri.) in S’side. Spectators welcome!

The 2022 PEI Mixed Doubles and the 2022 PEI U16 Curling Championships both take place April 8-10, 2022 at the Silver Fox Entertainment Complex in Summerside. Due to the length of the “Singles Curling”, U16 start times have been revised to 2 and 6 pm today.

The Mixed Doubles has 4 teams registered and will play a modified triple knockout format with a 2 game playoff (unless a team wins all 3 section). Last year’s champions, the MacFadyen siblings, and finalists, the White husband and wife team, are both entered.

Team Rosters:

Name Short name Lineup Representing
Griffin/MacKenzie Griff/MacK Colin MacKenzie, Alison Griffin Cornwall Curling Club
MacFadyen MacFadyen Alex MacFadyen, Lauren MacFadyen Summerside Curling Club
Schnare/Blanchard Schn/Blan Nick Blanchard, Stephanie Schnare Summerside Curling Club
White White Edward White, Jenny White Summerside Curling Club


The U16 has 6 teams registered and will play a round-robin with a three-team playoff (no tie-breaker games).  This event will also include Singles Curling. Last year’s event was not held.

Team #1
Team Carver
Skip: Sydney Carver
Third: Katie MacLean
Second: Michaela MacLean
Lead: Mollie Shaw
Coach’s Name: Larry Richards
Representing: Montague Curling Club

Team #2
Team Dalton
Skip: Isaiah Dalton
Third: Connor Bruce
Second: Sheamus Herlihy
Lead: Nate MacRae
Coach’s Name: A.J. Campbell
Representing: Cornwall Curling Club

Team #3
Team Gallant
Skip: Koby Lynn Gallant
Third: Veronica Pater
Second: Sophie Gallant
Lead: Gracie MacIntyre
Coach’s Name: Amy Duncan
Representing: Cornwall Curling Club

Team #4
Team Shaw
Skip name: Nate Shaw
Skip: Nate Shaw
Third: Hannah Hogan
Second: Reid Thibault
Lead: Aaron Haight
Coach’s Name: Kyle MacDonald
Representing: Montague Curling Club

Team #5 
Team Lenentine
Skip: Ella Lenentine
Third: Makiya Noonan
Second: Kacey Gauthier
Lead: Erika Pater
Coach’s Name: Robbie Lenentine
Representing: Cornwall Curling Club

Team #6
Team Easter
Skip: Madalyn Easter
Third: Reid Hart
Second: Kenna Warnell
Lead: Brooke Lewis
Coach’s Name: Shelley MacFadyen
Representing: Summerside Curling Club

Information on Singles Curling is available at: https://www.curling.ca/files/2020/10/Curling-Canada-Singles-U15.pdf.  You can learn more about the new Singles Curling app at: https://www.curling.ca/blog/2022/02/01/singles-curling-app/.

Teams will have their own area with a team table.  Participants will be required to wear masks while not curling.

As we are moving into Step 3 of the Moving On plan on PEI, spectators are permitted.  Spectators will be required to wear masks and are asked not to enter the athlete area.

Draws and Schedule for Mixed Doubles and U16. 
Friday U16 start times will now be 2 and 6 pm.

End by end results from the PEI Mixed Doubles Championship will be available at: https://peicurling.com/scoreboard/#!/competitions/7376

End by end results from the U16 Championship will be available at: https://peicurling.com/scoreboard/#!/competitions/7378

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