2023 Curl PEI ADL Awards Celebration

Back (L-R): Robbie Lenentine, Tim Hockin, Tracy MacLean, Crystal Wood, Nadine Walsh, Jamie Stride, Mike Forrest.  Front (L-R): Erika Pater, Kacey Gauthier, Ella Lenentine, Makiya Noonan, Chase MacMillan

The 2023 Curl PEI ADL Awards Celebration truly was a celebration.  After nearly ten years without an awards night the Lone Oak Brewery & Taproom was filled with people ready to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of Island curlers and volunteers.

With a redesign of the Curl PEI awards there were a few new awards presented this year including the Junior True Sport Award.  This Award was created  in memory of a past Island curler and Curl PEI Board member, Craig MacKie.  Craig was introduced to the sport of curling as a child and spent parts of the next six decades competing locally, regionally, and nationally.  Craig believed in Giving Back and Including Everyone and he showed this through his actions of bringing new people onto his team at the Charlottetown Curling Curling Club and working with Clubs to create new programs to welcome new groups to the ice.  

The first Junior True Sport Award  recipients were Makiya Noonan from the Summerside Curling Club & Chase MacMillan from the Cornwall Curling Club.

(L-R): Makiya Noonan, Chase MacMillan and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

Makiya consistently embodies all seven True Sports Principles both within and beyond the sport of curling, demonstrating exceptional leadership, inclusivity, and dedication to giving back. Despite a demanding season marked by multiple provincial titles and participation in national events, Makiya actively volunteered her time to support new curlers, assisting with a 9-week Learn to Curl program and providing valuable assistance in teaching curling in her Physical Education classes. Her sportsmanship and support for her teammates and opponents was recognized with the presentation of the Sportsmanship award during the U18 Provincials Championships. Makiya’s inspiring story and curling success, featured in a recent Curling Canada article, have been shared with others, celebrating resilience and strength in the face of adversity. 

Chase’s passion for curling is evident to anyone who knows him, as he wholeheartedly embraces all aspects of the sport, from playing to volunteering. His commitment to the game was especially evident during the Canada Winter Games, where he selflessly contributed over 175 hours as a dedicated volunteer, taking on various roles and going above and beyond to ensure the success of the events. Chase’s meticulous work, tireless efforts, and exceptional dedication were recognized and appreciated by athletes, officials, and fellow volunteers. With the conclusion of his junior curling career, Chase’s commitment to the sport remains unwavering, and he is truly deserving of this award as his dedication to curling knows no bounds.

Ella Lenentine from the Cornwall Curling Club and Tyler Smith from the Crapaud Community Curling Club were named Outstanding Athletes of Year.

(L-R): Debra Smith (accepting on behalf of Tyler Smith), Ella Lenentine and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

Ella Lenentine’s exceptional achievements in curling during the past season are definitely ones to be proud of. She displayed unmatched talent as she led her Junior team through the Provincial Junior Championships, skipped the victorious U18 girls championship squad, emerged triumphant in the 2023 Canada Winter Games elimination bonspiel, and secured victory in the Canada Games Mixed Doubles playdown alongside Cornwall clubmate Mitchell Schut. Ella’s success on the provincial stage, combined with her respectful demeanor, leadership qualities, involvement in the junior program, and well-rounded academic and athletic abilities, make her a highly respected and deserving Outstanding Athlete for 2023.

Tyler Smith’s remarkable achievements in the sport of curling, including first place in the Men’s Monctonian Challenge, second place in the Summerside Open Cash spiel, and emerging as the winner of both the PEI Provincial Tankard and PEI Provincial Mixed Championship, highlight his unwavering commitment to his craft. He demonstrates this commitment through his dedication to a weekly practice schedule, effectively balancing his work commitments with his practice and tournament schedules, and showcasing confidence in his ability to compete against more experienced teams. Tyler’s accomplishments are a testament to his hard work, perseverance, and determination in the pursuit of excellence in curling.

The 2023 Coach of the Year went to Robbie Lenentine, coach of the Ella Lenentine rink out of the Cornwall Curling Club.

(L-R): Robbie Lenentine and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

Robbie Lenentine’s dedication to the development of both his team and his own curling knowledge is evident in his pursuit of coaching certifications, including Competition Development programs focused on managing a program, health and wellness, and rules evaluation. He actively participates in coaching-related events and webinars, continually expanding his coaching expertise. Robbie is highly respected among junior curling coaches in the Maritime region, known for his approachability, commitment to developing young curlers through hosting events, good humor, adherence to rules, and respectful demeanor. He has achieved remarkable success as a coach, leading his daughter Ella’s team to three provincial titles, the U18 and U21 PEI Provincial Women’s championships, and the CWG women’s trials. Additionally, Robbie co-chaired and organized the renowned O’Connor Glass Cornwall Classic Atlantic junior bonspiel and provided coaching and assistance to other Cornwall junior teams throughout the season.

The Lenentine Team from the Cornwall Curling Club received the Team of the Year award.

(L-R): Robbie Lenentine, Erika Pater, Kacey Gauthier, Makiya Noonan, Ella Lenentine and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

The Team Lenentine, consisting of Ella Lenentine, Makiya Noonan, Kacey Gauthier, Erika Pater and coach, Robbie Lenentine, showcased exceptional dedication, teamwork, and skill in their curling achievements. They emerged as champions in multiple competitions, representing PEI at the Canadian U18 and Junior championships as well as the Canada Winter Games. Their commitment to practicing, volunteering, maintaining high grades, and displaying positive attitudes both on and off the ice highlights their remarkable achievements in the past season.

This year’s Volunteer of the Year went to Tracy MacLean from the Montague Curling Club.

(L-R): Tracy MacLean and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

Tracy MacLean’s exceptional dedication and commitment to the curling club is truly remarkable. As a relatively new curler, she consistently volunteers her time and energy to various tasks, including preparing and maintaining the ice, selling tickets, providing treats, and supporting the club in any way possible. Tracy’s outstanding leadership skills were particularly evident when she took charge of the mixed doubles event for the 2023 Canada Games, investing countless hours into training and ensuring the event’s success. Her selfless contributions and genuine love for curling have made a significant impact on the club’s success and reputation, making her a highly valued and respected member of the community.

Our first ever Mentor of the Year award winner is Tim Hockin from the Summerside Curling Club.

(L-R): Tim Hockin and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

Tim Hockin’s dedication and leadership in rebuilding and revitalizing the Junior Curling and Adult Learn-to-Curl programs at the Summerside Curling Club have had a profound impact. His commitment to proper training, inclusive environment, and providing the right direction has led to significant growth in membership and active participation. Tim’s tireless efforts extend beyond these programs, as he also served as the club president, played a pivotal role in organizing the 2023 Canada Games, excelled as a competitive curler, and actively contributed to the betterment of the club as a whole. His passion for teaching and guiding others, combined with his willingness to volunteer in various capacities, make him a deserving recipient for recognition.

Another new award was the Contributor of Year and it was presented to the Crapaud Community Curling Club’s Board of DirectorsMike Forrest, Jamie Stride, Susan Hubley, Crystal Wood, Nadine Walsh, Jamie Newson, Miranda Ellis, Pam Owen and Brenda Graves.

(L-R): Nadine Walsh, Jamie Stride, Crystal Wood, Mike Forrest and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

The Crapaud Community Curling Club Board of Directors deserves recognition for their exceptional efforts in saving and revitalizing the club. Their dedication and volunteer work turned the club from the brink of closure to a vibrant and welcoming community facility. Their achievements include fully opening the club for the curling season, hosting major events such as the largest Cashspiel on PEI, the PEI Scotties and PEI Men’s Provincial, and a variety of other provincial competitions. Their leadership and commitment have played a crucial role in ensuring the club’s success and preventing the loss of another valuable curling facility on the Island.

(L-R): Jamie Stride, Crystal Wood, Nadine Walsh, Mike Forrest, Jane DiCarlo (Curl PEI President) and Veronica Smith (Curl PEI Board Member)

The Crapaud Community Curling Club Board of Directors showed such leadership and excitement within the curling community this past season they were also presented with the President’s Award.

Thank you to all of those who attended the 2023 Curl PEI ADL Awards Celebration!

Thank you to Lone Oak Brewery & Taproom for hosting our celebration; ADL for their continued support of all sports on PEI; and Sport PEI for the coordination they provide to ensure programs such as this continue year after year.

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