B Finals Set at the 2024 PEI Scotties & Tankard

The Morrow rink, from the Crapaud Community Curling Club will face Team Power, from the Cornwall Curling Club in the B Final of the 2024 PEI Scotties and Team Tyler Smith, from the Crapaud Community Curling go against clubmates, the Harris rink at 9am Saturday morning at the Silver Fox Entertainment Complex in Summerside.

Schedule, teams, draw and results can be found here: https://peicurling.com/results/#/events/17914.

Draw 3 Recap

In the Scotties in Summerside this morning, Jane DiCarlo was off this morning waiting for the winner of the Melissa Morrow and Tammy Dewar match. DiCarlo already has earned place in the A Final.   Dewar, celebrating her birthday today, scored a big three in the 5th, to go up 5.  Morrow came back with singles in the 6th and 7th.  Dewar settled for one point in the 8th to go up 4.  Morrow scored a deuce in the 9th to close the margin at 7 to 5   Dewar missed a takeout on her first shot in the 10th, forcing her to play a tough draw against two Morrow rocks on her final stone.  Dewar missed her final shot to give Morrow the steal of two.  In the extra end, Dewar, with last rock, opted to guard her shot rock in the four foot on a number of occasions despite Morrow having number two and three frozen to the Dewar rock in the four foot.  Morrow made a great raise double takeout on her first shot leaving her two buried.  Dewar made a great come around takeout of one of Morrow’s stones to leave Morrow lying one on top of the four foot.  Morrow made a a nice guard forcing Dewar to a draw to the side of the four foot with the out turn.  Dewar saved the game and drew to the back four for the win and the berth in the A final.

In other Scotties matchups, White and Blades had a tight match with Blades coming back from 5 down after 5, to get within 1.  In the 8th end. Blades third Ella Lenentine made a great double to get out of trouble but followed with a missed takeout to allow White to set up a steal to tie the game at 7.  Blades made a great shot with her last in the the 9th and posted a deuce for a two point lead in the 10th.  Jackie Reid, the White second, set up a steal opportunity with a come around double but the White team were unable to capitalize. Blades claimed the victory without having to throw her last shot.

In the Tankard matches, played beside the Scotties at the Silver Fox, Blair Jay faced off against Jamie Newson. Despite giving up three in the 3rd.  Newson was three up coming home and finished off the veteran Silver Fox team, 7 to 4.

On Ice 2, the marquee match between the two favourites, Darren Higgins and Tyler Smith, the defending Tankard champion, was 1 up coming home with last rock,  Despite a great come around to the button, by Tim Hockin, Smith was able to pick the Hockin’s rock out for the win and a berth in the A final.

On Ice 3, veteran Tyler Harris, a 2 time Tankard champion, had a tight match with Steve Vanouwerkerk.  After a deuce by Harris in the 1st,  the teams traded singles through the 8th end.  Vanouwerkerk scored a big three in the 9th for a one point lead coming home in the 10th. Harris captured a deuce with a nifty angle tap up to snag the win.

Draw 4 Recap

The Scotties A Final between the Tammy Dewar and the Jane DiCarlo teams was the key game of the draw.  DiCarlo blanked the first three ends and then cracked a three-ender in the 4th followed by a steal of one in the 5th to take a four-point lead. DiCarlo kept her foot to the gas and stole 2 more in the 6th for a 6-point lead.  The game was conceded after the 7th end and DiCarlo captured the A Championship.

A steal of four in the 3rd end by Melissa Morrow erased a two-point deficit and turned into a two-point lead for the team from Crapaud.  Morrow’s opponent, Lauren Ferguson of Cornwall,  made a nice raise for two in the 8th to tie the game.  Ferguson stole two more points in the 9th for a two-point lead coming home.  Ferguson had a good chance to run Morrow out of rocks in the 10th but missed a takeout by a whisker.  Morrow drew for two and forced an extra end with Ferguson having last rock.  Morrow was able to establish a number of guards in the extra end but was not able to bury behind them, leaving Ferguson with an open hit and stay for the win.  Ferguson rolled out leaving a measure at the back 12 foot for the win. Morrow won the measure and stays alive in the B side.

In a battle in the C section between the Blades and Power teams, Blades surged to a 4 to 2 lead after dropping a deuce in the first end.  A big three ender in the seventh brought Powers back to even.  In the 10th, with Powers leading by one, Blades missed her last rock giving the win to the Powers squad.  Shelley Bradley, multi-time Scotties participant for PEI plays lead for Powers.

In the Tankard B semi-final match between Tyler Smith and Jamie Newson, Smith took one in the 1st end and stole a big deuce in the 2nd after making a perfect come around to the four foot.  The Smith draw forced Newson into a tough shot and created the steal of two.  Smith, the defending Tankard champion, extended his lead to 4, with a deuce in the 7th.  Newson had a good end going in the 8th but lost control with his first shot.  Smith put on a guard and Newson was left with a tough shot for one that did not work out.  Newson then conceded the game.

In the C section battle between Blair Jay of the home club and Calvin Smith of Crapaud, Smith scored three in the 4th to go up one.  With the game tied after 8 ends Jay took two in the 9th and managed to keep Smith to one in the 10th, despite a gallant effort by Smith on his last shot.

In the Higgins versus Harris B semifinal, the two teams traded leads until Harris scored a huge 4 ender for a 4-shot cushion. Higgins responded with a double takeout for a deuce in the 8th to move to within two but without last rock.  In the 9th, Harris made a great come around, followed by a great tap back to score two. Higgins conceded the game at that point.

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