PEI Mixed Doubles Curling Championship Rescheduled

Sixteen teams started the 2024 PEI Mixed Doubles Curling Championship last Thursday at the Crapaud Community Curling Club. The teams played a modified triple knockout round, advancing teams from the three qualifying matches to a championship round.

The four day event had a weather delay on the fourth day and will resume play today.

A Qualifier: Jenny & Edward White (Photo Credit: Mike Schut)

The A Qualifier is Jenny & Edward White from Crapaud Community Curling Club, the B Qualifier, fromt he same club is Breanne Burgoyne and Tyler MacKenzie and the C Qualifier, between White/White and Sydney Howatt and Liam Kelly from the Cornwall Curling Club, will be played today at 5:05pm.

B Qualifier: Breanne Burgoyne & Tyler MacKenzie (Photo Credit: Mike Schut)

Following the C Final, the first playoff game will be played at 8:05pm. 

Photos from the event, taken by Mike Schut, can be viewed HERE.

Results can be found HERE.

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