Pool play concluded today for the U16 Curling Championships at the Montague Curling Club


Pool play concluded today for the U16 Curling Championships at the Montague Curling Club. 

Draw one was held Friday at 4:00 pm and resulted in a narrow 5-4 victory for Team Myers over Team Beaton and a 4-2 victory for Team MacLean over Team Gavin Shea in Pool A. Pool B was a story of steals, with both winning teams stealing big ends to solidify their respective victories. Team Pater took the win 7-2 over Team Savill after stealing one in the second and three in the third, and Team Brothers took the win 12-1 over Team Landry after taking 5 in the first and stealing 1, 3, and then 2 in the following ends.

Today, the draws at 10 and 2 marked the end of Pool play.

The morning draw had Team Maclean winning over Team Myers 5-3, aided by a steal of 3 in the 5th. Team Beaton claimed the victory over Team Gavin Shea after 5, also with a score of 5-3. In Pool B, Team Pater played Team Landry, where Pater took 4 in the first and never looked back to cruise to a 12-1 victory. Conversely, Team Brothers and Team Savill took their game to the first extra end of the championship, where Brothers stole 1 to take the win.

The afternoon draw was the last chance for the teams to fight for a spot in the coveted 1-2 games for a chance on the podium. 

Pool A had undefeated Team MacLean going against Team Beaton with a record of 1-1. After allowing Beaton to take their two in 1 and 4, MacLean needed to steal two in the last to force an extra, but they only came up with one, giving Beaton the win and leaving both teams at 2-1. Team Myers, looking to join the crew at 2-1, went into the third end down 3 against Team Gavin Shea. They then took 3 in the third and stole two in both the fourth and the fifth to take the win and force a three-way tie in the Pool. No tie-breaking games will be held, and due to head-to-head results being unable to break the tie, the last stone draw results were used, resulting in Team Myers claiming the top spot in the pool and Team Beaton claiming Second, leaving Team MacLean to drop down into the 3-4 crossover with Team Gavin Shea.

Pool B resulted in a clear winner, with both undefeated teams, Pater and Brothers, playing for the top spot. Team Pater ended up stealing three in the first and taking 4 in the third to cruise to an 8-2 victory and remain the only undefeated team in the championship. Pool A also had two winless teams fighting to get their first W, which resulted in Team Savill claiming a commanding 12-0 victory over Team Landry after 5 ends. 

Championship Sunday begins tomorrow at 10 am with Team Pater facing off against Team Beaton and Team Myers in a matchup against Team Brothers in the 1-2 crossovers, with the winners going to the gold medal game and the losers to the Bronze. The 3-4 games will be MacLean vs Landry and Savill vs Gavin Shea, with the winners advancing to the consolation game and the losers falling to the 7-8 seeding game. 

For up-to-date Championship Sunday results, visit https://peicurling.com/results/#/events/17920.

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