2021 PEI Masters (60+) Curling Championships


Montague to host 2021 PEI Masters Ch’ships

The 2021 PEI Masters Curling Championships, with men’s and women’s divisions for curlers age 60 and over, take place from January 22-25 at the Montague Curling Club, with four men’s and three women’s rinks taking part. The Sandy Hope rink from the Cornwall Curling Club are five-time defending women’s champs, and along with the defending men’s champs, the Lou Nowlan foursome from the Silver Fox, and are back looking to defend their titles. Nowlan has either thrown third or fourth stone for the last ten Masters men’s championship teams, and he has been on the winning team 15 times in total. Other men’s teams entered are the Paul Arsenault and Bill Hope squads from Cornwall,  and the Clair Sweet team from the Maple Leaf Curling Club in O’Leary. Hope was a finalist last year. The Bev Harding rink from the host club and the Shirley Berry foursome from Cornwall, who were finalists last year, round out the women’s entries.

Teams in both divisions of the PEI Masters will play a modified triple knockout format, with draws daily at 9:30 am and 2 pm from Friday Jan. 22 through the two-game championship round on Monday the 25th. Under the modified triple knockout format, a team can win more than one section, If a team wins all three sections, they will be declared champions without playing the championship round. A two-section winner will have a “double life” in the championship round, and win the event if they take either section, while their opponent, the winner of the other section, would have to win both.

The men’s and women’s winning teams, or finalist teams if they are unable to attend, earn the right to compete in the 2021 Canadian Masters Curling Championships, November 17-21, 2021 at the Pembina Curling Club in Winnipeg, Man.

Live results from the PEI Masters will be available at PEICurling.com/scoreboard


(will not be updated during the event – refer to the scoring system for draw progression)



Mens Games Womens Games



Ice 1Ice 2Ice 3Ice 4

Jan. 22

9:30 AM1 1AB
2 PM2 C2 

Jan. 23

9:30 AM3D E3
2 PM44  F

Jan. 24

9:30 AM5HG5 
2 PM6 6I 
Jan. 25
9:30 AM7 MAWA 

Explanation for MA/WA and MB/WB:

1. If one team wins all three qualifiers: Championship Round is not required.

2. If one team wins two qualifiers. They play in both MA or WA and MB or WB (and win the event if they win either game). The other section winner plays in MA or WA and has to win to advance to MB or WB.

3. If there are three separate winners: the team that played in the most qualifying games* advances to MB or WB, and the other winners play off in MA or WA. If there is a tie in the number of qualifying games played, then the team that qualified earliest goes to MB or WB and the other two teams play off in MA or WA.

*Qualifying games have yellow background for game number on the schedule.

Team Rosters

Men’s Teams

Team: Paul Arsenault
Cornwall Curling Club
Skip: Paul Arsenault
Third: Ron Giggey
Second: Al Acorn
Lead: Edgar Coffin
Alternate: Garth Cudmore

Team: Bill Hope
Cornwall Curling Club
Skip: Bill Hope
Third: Peter Murdoch
Second: David Murphy
Lead: Dario Zannier

Team: Nowlan
Silver Fox Curling Club
Skip: Lou Nowlan
Third: David MacFadyen
Second: Earle Proude
Lead: Alan Montgomery
Alternate: Rod MacDonald

Team: Clair Sweet
Maple Leaf Curling Club (O’Leary)
Skip: Clair Sweet
Third: Bob Matheson
Second: Glen Betts
Lead: Muncey Harris

Women’s Teams

Team: Shirley Berry
Cornwall Curling Club
Skip: Shirley Berry
Third: Karen Currie
Second: Gloria Turner
Lead: Linda Fairhurst

Team: Bev Harding
Montague Curling Club
Skip: Bev Harding
Third: Sherren MacKinnon
Second: Susan Watts
Lead: Marlis O’Rourke

Team: Sandy Hope
Cornwall Curling Club
Skip: Sandy Hope
Third: Shelley Ebbett
Second: Karen Hardy
Lead: Arleen Harris

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