PEI Tankard Provincial Men’s Curling Championship and Future Tankard 2014-2015




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Here are pictures of the winning and runner-up teams from the PEI Tankard.

Winning Team Casey


L-R:  Adam Casey, Josh Barry, Anson Carmody, Robbie Doherty

Runner-up Team Newson


L-R:  Clair Sweet representing Curl PEI, Jamie Newson, Andrew Robinson, Sean Clarey, Shawn Pitre


Adam Casey rink wins PEI Tankard (Journal Pioneer)

ALBERTON – The Adam Casey rink won the 2015 P.E.I. Tankard.

Jamie Newson calls a shot while opposing skip Adam Casey follows the play during the final game of the 2015 P.E.I. Tankard provincial men’s curling championship in Alberton on Wednesday afternoon. Casey pulled out a 7-6 extra-end win.

Casey scored one point in the extra end to pull out a 7-6 win over Jamie Newson at the Western Community Curling Club early Tuesday afternoon. Since Casey had won the B and C sections of the modified triple-knockout format in the P.E.I. men’s curling championship, Newson needed to win to force a sudden-death final at 3:30 p.m.

Casey, who is from Seven Mile Bay, did not have to throw his final shot in the extra end as Newson, on his second shot, attempted to bury a rock and rubbed on a guard out front.

Newson, who made a perfect open draw for two in the 10th end to force an extra end, rallied from a 5-2 deficit after five ends as Casey took full advantage of the hammer to score a pair of deuces in the first half of the game.

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Two games left at the #PEITankard. Casey has to win 1 of them, Newson has to win both to win the title

The Curl PEI Tankard Provincial Men’s Curling Championship is down to one or two games. The top seeded Adam Casey rink from the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in Summerside and the Charlottetown Curling Complex captured the C division of the modified triple knockout round this afternoon at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton with a 7-5 win over Charlottetown’s Tyler MacKenzie team. As Casey also won another pool, the B, he earns a spot in both championship games on Tuesday, scheduled for 11 am and 3:30 pm, and will take the PEI men’s championship if he wins either game, while his opponent, A pool winner Jamie Newson of Charlottetown, would have to win both games in order to win the championship.

In this afternoon’s C final, Casey was leading 2-1 after four ends, and scored a triple in end five when MacKenzie’s attempted double against three Casey counters missed the mark. MacKenzie drew for a pair in six, and stole a single in seven when Casey missed a runback, narrowing the gap to a single point, with a 5-4 score. Casey tapped one back for a single in eight, while MacKenzie responded with one in nine, to trail by one point, coming home without hammer. MacKenzie’s final shot went a little deep, and Casey took a single in end 10 for the 7-5 win.

The PEI Tankard winner advances to the pre-qualifier round for the  Tim Hortons Brier, which takes place February 28 – March 8 in Calgary.

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Casey wins B event at the PEI Tankard

Two of the three modified triple knockout section finals have now been decided at the Curl PEI Provincial Men’s Curling Championships, being played at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton. In this afternoon’s “B” section final, the top-seeded Adam Casey rink from the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club in Summerside, and the Charlottetown Curling Complex stole a deuce in the last end in a 9-8 decision over Charlottetown’s Jamie Newson rink, who earlier won the A section.


Photo Collage: Team Casey

Newson took a 4-3 lead in this afternoon’s game with a double in end four to score three. Casey makes a draw facing three Newson counters to tie the score at four in end 5. Newson took the lead with a draw for three in six, and kept Casey to a single point in seven. In the eighth end, Casey made a nice hit and roll, leaving Casey with a draw for a single point, and a three point, 8-5 lead for Newson. Casey narrows the gap to one with a draw for a deuce in nine, leaving him in the difficult situation of being one down coming home, without the all-important last rock advantage in the final end.

In end 10, Newson tries to hit and stick for the win, facing two. He was a bit wide, and his rock didn’t curl, and ended up missing the Casey stone, giving up a steal of two and the B final.

In the C event game at the same time, Tyler MacKenzie became the only other team left, besides Newson and Casey, out of the original six team field, when he eliminated his Charlottetown clubmate, eight-time Tankard champ and two-time Canadian Mixed winner Robert Campbell with a 9-5 win.

The Future Tankard Under 21 developmental round robin event, wrapped up in the same draw, with Leslie Noye of the host club doubling Cornwall’s Devin Schut rink 8-4. Noye was undefeated at 2-0 in the event, while Schut went 1-1, and Alex Gallant of Summerside was 0-2.

Monday at 11 am, Newson takes on MacKenzie in the C semi-final, with the winner facing Casey in the C final at 3:30 pm.The winner of the C final advances to the Tuesday championship round, also scheduled for 11 and 3:30. If either Newson or Casey were to win the C, they would play in both championship round games, and win the title if they take either game, while their opponent would have to be beaten twice.

The Tankard winner advances to the pre-qualifier round for the  Tim Hortons Brier, which takes place February 28 – March 8 in Calgary.


PEI Tankard A qualifier won by Jamie Newson rink

The unseeded Jamie Newson rink from the Charlottetown Curling Complex beat the top-seeded Adam Casey team from the Silver Fox and Charlottetown clubs by a 6-4 score this afternoon to win the A section of the modified triple knockout draw of the Curl PEI Tankard Provincial Men’s Curling Championship at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton. This puts the Newson team into the Tuesday championship round. In other action, Robert Campbell of Charlottetown doubled Summerside’s Blair Jay 8-4, and Tyler MacKenzie beat Charlottetown clubmate Tyler Harris 8-2 in six ends.

Next games are at 3:30 pm, with MacKenzie vs Campbell, and Harris vs Jay. The Future Tankard opener at the same time will see Devin Schut of Cornwall play Alex Gallant from Summerside.

Here’s our end by end report on all three games (latest ends first)

End 10: Campbell runs Jay out of rocks. Campbell 8 Jay 4 Final. Newson doesn’t have to throw his last. Newson 6 Casey 4 Final.
End 9 Campbell draws for 2. Campbell 8 Jay 4 after 9 Casey hits and sticks for 1. Newson 6 Casey 4 after 9
End 8: Jay hits and sticks for 2. Campbell 6 Jay 4 after 8 Newson draws for 2. Newson 6 Casey 3 after 8
End 7: Casey draws for 2. Newson 4 Casey 3 after 7. Jay hits and rolls out for blank. Campbell 6 Jay 2 after 7
End 6 1/2: Newson hits and sticks for 2. Newson 4 Casey 1. Jay draws against 3. Is light. Steal of 3. Campbell 6 Jay 2
End 6 2/2: Harris tries tap back on his own to MacKenzie stone. Misses. Steal of 1. Game over MacKenzie 8 Harris 2 Final
End 5 1/2; Harris hits/rolls to blank. MacKenzie leads 7-2. Casey draws for 1. Newson 2 Casey 1.
End 5 2/2: Jay hits/rolls to blank. Campbell leads 3-2.
End 4 1/2: Casey hits, rolls out for blank Newson 2 Casey 0. MacKenzie draws for 2, leads Harris 7-2.
End 4 2/2: Campbell tad heavy on draw for 2, Gets 1, leads Jay 3-2.
End 3 1/2 Casey tries to tap Newson stone to his to four foot. A bit heavy. Steal of 1. Newson 2 Casey 0
End 3 2/2; Harris draws for 2. MacKenzie 5 Harris 2. Campbell throws to boards for blank. Campbell 2 Jay 2.
End 2 Newson draws vs 2, leads Casey 1-0. Harris draw vs 2 light. MacKenzie steals 2, 5-0. Jay gets deuce, tied at 2 w Campbell
End 1:Newson hits and rolls out for blank Newson 0 Casey 0 MacKenzie draws for 3 over Harris Campbell draws for 2 over Jay

 The Curl PEI Tankard Provincial Men’s Curling Championship, and the new Future Tankard will take place at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton from February 6-10, 2015. Six teams, including the top-seeded Adam Casey rink, ranked number eleven in the nation, are taking part in the Tankard, with the winning teamadvancing to the pre-qualifier round for the 2015 Tim Hortons Brier, which takes place February 28 – March 8, 2015 in Calgary, AB.

The Future Tankard, with three teams signed up, is a developmental event for junior curlers who may one day compete in the Tankard  and takes place on the same weekend and at the same location. Competitors from the Pepsi Junior Men’s Championship are invited to attend. Future event participants will be paired up with an adult team, invited to the meal and the opening ceremonies, and will play three games over the weekend.

Curl PEI is pleased to announce that they have partnered with BellAliant Community One to bring  live curling action from the Curl PEI Tankard Provincial Men’s Curling Championship.  All Tankard games from sheets one and two at the three sheet club will be webcast exclusively on Community One.

BellAliant Community One has already provided livestream coverage this season from the Curl Atlantic Championship in Charlottetown, along with several curling events in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Island curlers will provide the play by play and colour commentary.

Amy Duncan, Executive Director of Curl PEI says that this new partnership for online coverage “puts PEI in the same league as the other provinces, most of which have either webstream or TV coverage of their major provincial championships.”

To access the webcasts, click on the graphic below, or visit:

2015-Tankard-615x232Live end by end Curlcast results from both events will be available at Note that there are separate results websites for the Tankard and the Future Tankard, because they play a different number of ends (10 ends for Tankard games, 8 for the Future Tankard).

Update Friday Curl PEI Tankard Draw times delayed three hours

Due to forecast weather and road conditions, Friday’s opening draws for the Curl PEI Tankard Provincial Men’s Curling Championship at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton are changed from 11am & 3:30pm to 2 and 6:30 pm.  Other draws in the event will remain at their originally scheduled time.

Here is the Modified Triple Knockout Tankard Draw.  Four teams are seeded in the draw based on cashspiel winnings at designated events this season. The winners of the A, B, and C qualifying games will advance to the two game qualifying round. Teams can qualify in more than one section. In the event that a team wins all three sections, they will be declared Tankard champ without a qualifying round. If a team wins any two of the sections, they will play in both games CH1 and CH2, and win the title if they take either, while their opponent would have to win both. If there are three separate section winners, the team that played in the most section finals would have a bye to game CH2, and the other teams would square off in CH1, with the winner advancing to CH2. If teams are tied in games played, the earliest qualifier would advance to CH2.

This draw tree will not be updated during the event. Refer to the Curlcast draw tree for updates.


Here is the game schedule, including the round robin draw for the Future Tankard.
Tankard section finals are in yellow. Future Tankard games are in green.

Date Draw Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3
Feb. 6
1 2pm* A1   A2
2 6:30pm* A4   A3
Saturday Feb. 7 3 10am B7 A5 B6
  1pm Meal
  2:45pm On-Ice Ceremony
4 3:30pm A vs B B8 C9
Sunday Feb. 8 5 11am B10 C11 B vs C
6 3:30pm A vs C B12 C13
Monday Feb. 9 7 11am C14    
8 3:30pm   C15  
Tuesday Feb. 10 9 11am CH1    
10 3:30pm   CH2  
Future Tankard
A   Schut      
B   Gallant      
C   Noye      

*revised draw times

PEI Tankard Team Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Alt. or Coach Club
Robert Campbell Kyle Holland Mike Dillon Taylor McInnis   Charlottetown Curling Complex
Adam Casey Josh Barry Anson Carmody Robbie Doherty Lincoln Peters (Coach) Silver Fox/ Charlottetown
Tyler Harris Sam Ramsay Cody Dixon Mike Trudeau   Charlottetown Curling Complex
Blair Jay Marc Leclair Aidan Downey Roland Richard   Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club
Tyler MacKenzie Kevin Champion Matthew Nabuurs Sean Ledgerwood Philip Gorveatt (Coach & Alt.) Charlottetown Curling Complex
Jamie Newson Andrew Robinson Sean Clarey Shawn Pitre   Charlottetown Curling Complex

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Future Tankard Rosters

Skip 3rd 2nd Lead Coach(es) #1 Club
Alex Gallant Connor Lilly (2nd) AJ Cahill (3rd) Luke Arsenault Wendy Gallant, Rod MacDonald Silver Fox
Leslie Noye Jacob Wilkins Dylan Vincent   Roger Gavin Western Community
Devin Schut Tyson Smith Logan Maker Colin MacKenzie Dario Zannier Cornwall Curling Club