2018 PEI Under 13 Open Curling Championship

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Cruz Pineau rink wins PEI Under 13 Ch’ship A division, Ella Lenentine team wins B, Sydney Carver squad takes C

The Provincial Under 13 Curling Championships wrapped up this afternoon at the Cornwall Curling Club, with the Cruz Pineau rink from the Silver Fox and Charlottetown curling clubs going undefeated in the event with a 4-0 record, and taking the “A” final. Their opponents, the Montague Curling Club team skipped by Nathaniel Shaw, played a much better game than the final score indicated, but the experienced Pineau and third Brayden Shaw, who were finalists last year as well, along with their front end for this event, Jack MacFadyen and Davis Nicholson, who normally play on the  Chase MacMillan Canada Games Training Team out of Charlottetown, recorded a convincing win, under the guidance of coach Cory Snow. The Shaw rink also included third Brody Quinn, second Sean Peric, and lead Dean Hicken, with alternate Samuel Shaw and coach Kyle MacDonald.

A Division

U13 “A” Champions (L-R): Cruz Pineau, Brayden Snow, Davis Nicholson, Jack MacFadyen, Cory Snow (Coach)

U13 Nathaniel Shaw Finalist Rink: Samuel Shaw (Alternate), Dean Hicken, Sean Peric, Brody Quinn, Nathaniel Shaw, Kyle MacDonald (coach)

B Division

While her sister Lauren is getting ready to begin a new adventure in Halifax, curling on the World Junior Champion Kaitlyn Jones rink, Ella Lenentine, from the host club, stepped up to the PEI curling championship podium this weekend, skipping the B division championship rink with a high-scoring win over the Nate MacRae foursome from Charlottetown. Team Ella Lenentine includes third Ashlyn Shaw, second Erika Pater, and lead Kacey Gauthier. Robbie Lenentine is coaching. The Nate MacRae “B” finalist rink includes third Connor Bruce, second stone Koby-Lynn Gallant, and lead Ethan Smith, with coach Connor MacPhee. 

“B” Division Champion Ella Lenentine rink (L-R):  Ella Lenentine, Ashlyn Shaw, Erika Pater, Kacey Gauthier, Robbie Lenentine (Coach)

“B” Division Finalist Nate MacRae rink (L-R):  Connor Bruce, Ethan Smith,  Koby-Lynn Gallant, Nate MacRae, Connor MacPhee (coach)

C Division

The “C” division final was the closest of the three divisions, but Montague’s Sydney Carver team pulled off a stolen deuce and two single steals on the way to a six-point win over the Jorja McLellan squad from O’Leary’s Maple Leaf club. Team Carver also includes third Michaela MacLeansecond Hannah Hogan, lead Brayden Jackson, alternate Katie MacLean, and coach Tyler Garnhum (Coach). Rounding out the McLellan foursome are third Bridget Wallace, second stone Reid Hart, and lead Brooke Lewis, with coach John Martin.

“C” Champion Sydney Carver rink: Sydney Carver, Michaela MacLean, Hannah Hogan, Brayden Jackson, Tyler Garnhum (Coach)

“C” Finalist McLellan rink (L-R):  Jorja McLellan, Reid Hart , Brooke Lewis, Bridget Wallace, John Martin (Coach)

Following the presentation of the medals to the winning and finalist teams, the Sportsmanship award, as voted on by the curlers in the event, and the Coaching award, as voted on by the event’s Head Official (Yvonne Barbour) were presented.

The Sportsmanship award went to Brooke Lewis, lead on the Jorja McLellan rink from the Maple Leaf Curling Club in O’Leary. She had departed for O’Leary a few minutes earlier, so her three teammates collected the award for her.

Photo (L-R): Official Yvonne Barbour, with Jorja McLellan, Bridget Wallace, and Reid Hart, receiving the  award on behalf of Brooke Lewis

The Coaching award went to John Martin, coach of the McLellan team.

Photo (L-R): Event Official Yvonne Barbour, Coaching Award winner John Martin


Montague’s Nathaniel Shaw team clinches U13 playoff round “A” semifinal spot

Two round robin draws have been played and one, at 9:30 am Sunday, remains to be played at the PEI Under 13 Curling Championship at the Cornwall Curling Club. Some of the 12 teams entered have now played both of their round robin games, and others have played just one. One rink, the Nathaniel Shaw team from Montague, has two wins in the “H” pool and is assured a first-place finish in that pool, and will advance to the “A” section semi-finals of the three section championship round, with their next game at 1 pm Saturday.

Photo: Nathaniel Shaw team (right, in light gray hoodies)

Two teams, the Ella Lenentine rink from Cornwall, and the defending champion Clara Jack team from Cornwall and the Silver Fox, are tied at 1-0 atop the “S” pool, while the Anderson MacDougall squad from the Silver Fox are 1-0 in the “O” pool, and the Cruz Pineau foursome from the Silver Fox and the Charlottetown Curling Club are 1-0 in the “T” pool. The Pineau rink made it to the final last year, losing by a single point in a closely-fought battle.

In this event, all teams make it to the Championship Round, with the teams who come first in their pool going to the “A” section, the second place teams going to “B” and the third place to “C”. The semi-finals go at 1 pm Saturday and 9:30 am Sunday, with the finals in all three sections taking place at 1 pm Sunday. Games in this event are six ends.

Cornwall hosting U13 Ch’ship

The 2018 Provincial Under 13 Curling Championship, for curlers a maximum of 12 years of age on June 30 2017, takes place March 16-18 right here at the Cornwall Curling Club. This is an Open event – teams can be all boys, all girls, or any combination of boys and girls. Games are six ends. The Clara Jack rink from Cornwall were last year’s winners over the Cruz Pineau team from Summerside in an exciting come-from-behind finish. Both teams are back this year.

The 12 teams entered are divided into four pools (S, H, O, and T) and will play the other two teams in their pool in round robin action. Placement for the playoff round will be determined first by win/loss, then head to head between tied teams, then cumulative Last Stone Delivery (draw to the button) and finally by points (5 Points per win, 1 point per end and 1 point for difference of score to a max of 3.

Following the round robin, all teams will advance to the playoff round, with the first-place teams from the round robin pools going to the A division, the second place teams going to the B, and the third place to the C. The S pool team will play the H,  and the O team will play the T pool teams within each division in the semi-finals, with the winners advancing to the division finals, at 1 pm Sunday.

Live results will be available at peicurling.com/scoreboard

Round Robin Pools

Pool S Pool H Pool O Pool T
Carver N.Shaw MacRae M.Shaw
Lenentine Dalton MacDougall Pineau
Jack Gavin Martin McLellan


Date Time  Draw Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4
2:30  PM 1 Carver vs Lenentine N.Shaw vs Dalton MacRae vs MacDougall M.Shaw vs Pineau
6:00 PM 2 M.Shaw vs McLellan Carver vs Jack N.Shaw vs Gavin MacRae vs Martin
9:30 AM 3 MacDougall vs Martin Pineau vs McLellan Lenentine vs Jack Dalton vs Gavin
1:00 PM 4 A1 B1 C 1  
9:30 AM 5   A2 B2 C2
1:00 PM 6   C3 A3 B3
Games are six ends.
Each Pool will play a round robin.
There will be no tie-breakers played for placement in finals.
Placement for finals positions will be determined first by win/loss, then head to head between tied teams, then cumulative Last Stone Delivery (draw to the button) and finally by points.
(5 Points per win, 1 point per end and 1 point for difference of score to a max of 3.


Team Rosters

Team Coach Affiliation Location
Team Carver Tyler Garnham Montague Curling Club Montague, PE
Team Dalton Jeff & Al MacCormac Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PEI
Team Gavin Darryl Adams Maple Leaf Curling Club O’Leary, PE
Team Jack Aleya Quilty Silver Fox/Cornwall Summerside & Cornwall, PE
Team Lenentine Robbie Lenentine Cornwall Curling Club Cornwall, PE
Team MacDougall Shelley MacFadyen Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Community Complex Summerside, PE
Team MacRae Conner MacPhee Charlottetown Curling Club Charlottetown, PE
Team Martin Megan Butler Maple Leaf Curling Club O’Leary, PE
Team McLellan John Martin Maple Leaf Curling Club O’Leary, PE
Team Mollie Shaw Katie Shaw/Susan Dowling-Shaw Charlottetown Curling Club Charlottetown, PE
Team Nathaniel Shaw Kyle MacDonald Montague Curling Rink Montague, PE
Team Pineau Cory Snow Silver Fox / Charlottetown Curling Club Summerside, Ch’town PE
Specific Rules of Play for the Provincial U13
1. Competitors will be a maximum of 12 years of age on June 30 of the year prior to the
2. Games will be six (6) ends.
3. This will be an open event.
4. All teams must have an adult coach or Chaperone on-site for each game. Minimum
certification is not required to access field of play.
5. The U13 will continue to be tied to the March Break. It will not be held either weekend of
the March break but the closest weekend prior to or after the March break that the Club is
able to host them.
6. There must be an official at all draws.
7. Time clocks will not be used.

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