Learn to Curl, then Chase the Ace – Fri. night at Crapaud

Learn to Curl…then Chase the Ace!The Crapaud Curling Club is hosting an exciting double-header on Friday December 19th. You can learn to curl…then Chase the Ace!

The Crapaud Curling Club is offering a free Learn to Curl session for all ages starting at 7 :00 p.m. Wear clean sneakers, comfortable clothes (no tight jeans!) and dress in layers. There are brooms and sliders that you can borrow to try out this invigorating sport.

After you learn to curl, you’re invited to “chase the ace”!
Chase the Ace Crapaud is a fundraiser for the Farmers Helping Farmers Kenya Youth Tour 2015. It’s a 50-50…with a twist. Customers buy blocks of five tickets, five for $5. At 9 :00, there is a draw and the winner automatically receives 20% of the evening’s jackpot. They then get to draw a card from a deck of playing cards. If they draw the Ace of Spades, they claim another 30% of the night’s total and the Jackpot!. If not, that 30% goes back in to the pool and the quest for the Ace of Spades continues.

The jackpot for Chase the Ace Crapaud now stands at $361.50 (as of December 5).

For more information, please contact Kim at the Crapaud Curling Club: (902)658-2789.


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