Note to competitive curlers: Cornwall has “Compliant” icePAD covers in stock

The Cornwall Curling Club has just received a shipment of  brush head covers for the very popular Hardline icePAD brush, that are compliant with new Curling Canada specifications for “any provincial / territorial playdown leading to a Curling Canada event that ultimately leads to a World Curling Federation event.” Curling Canada recently issued a moratorium on various brushes, saying that, in the case of the icePAD, either a compliant fabric would have to be used on the brushhead cover, or the current cover could be used if it was turned inside out. A small plastic insert would also have to be removed.

hardlineCornwall now have the new compliant covers in stock, at $17.50 each. Installing a new cover and removing the insert is a simple process that takes less than a minute. Click to view video.  

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