Curling underway on arena ice at the Souris Curling Club. Fundraising started for new ice scraper

Curling (on Tuesdays) got underway on November 5 at the Souris Curling Club, which uses the ice surface at the Eastern Kings Sportsplex. If you are interested but haven’t registered yet, there are still spaces available. They also welcome non-members to join them at a “walk-on” cost of $15 for adults and $10 for students. Curlers are asked to be there and ready by 5:15 (early draw) or 7:15 late draw at the latest in order to get the teams organized.

Photo: Ottawa icemaker and Souris native Ian MacAulay using an ice scraper/shaver at the Eastern Kings Sportsplex

Ice surface preparations require shaving and pebbling the ice multiple times prior to curling. This process takes 6 – 8 hours each week, done by volunteer curlers. They are in need of a new Ice Scaper/Shaver. The cost of this piece of equipment is approx. $16,000.00. This equipment is necessary to convert the ice from arena ice to curling ice.

They are requesting their members and other interested individuals and companies to donate money to help purchase this necessary piece of equipment in order for the Souris Curling Club to continue with the sport. They are exploring options to provide tax receipts, and are hoping to raise enough money to purchase this necessary equipment prior to Christmas.

They are planning to make a donor wall to recognize all who donate.
BRONZE – Up to $250.00
SILVER – $251.00 – $499.00
GOLD – $500.00 and up

If you can help, contact the Souris Curling Club on Facebook or call  (902) 687-2323.


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