New Curling Canada rule allows curlers to compete in Brier/Scotties for the province in which they were born (CBC PEI)

Residency rule changes by Curling Canada this season now allow curlers to compete for teams from either the province in which they live or the one in which they were born. In addition, because of the [2018] free agency rule, rinks are also permitted to have one member who meets neither requirement.

Canada’s senior men’s team won the World Senior Curling Championships on Norway in April 2019, featuring Morgan Currie (right) — who now represents P.E.I. at the Brier. (© WCF / Tom Rowland)

Three of the four curlers representing P.E.I. at Canada’s national men’s curling championship now underway in Kingston, Ont., the 2020 Tim Hortons Brier, don’t actually live on the Island.

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