ICYMI: PEI ch’ship curling season kicks off with inaugural Mixed Stick ch’ship on Dec. 8 and 9

The 2021-22 PEI curling championship season kicks off on Wednesday, December 8th, with the inaugural Mixed Stick Curling Championship at the Silver Fox Entertainment Complex in Summerside. Nine teams from four PEI curling facilities have signed up. There will be 2 round-robin pools, one with 5 teams and the other with 4 teams, with teams playing a single round-robin, and the top two teams from each pool advancing to a semi-final round, with the winners squaring off in the final.

PEI Vax Passes will be checked and are required for all participants and spectators. 

Live results will be available at https://peicurling.com/scoreboard/#!/competitions/7370

Event webpage: https://peicurling.com/2021-22-mixed-stick-chship/


Round Robin Pool A Round Robin Pool B
1 Clarke/ Higginbotham 6 Stavert/ Singleton
2 Sanderson/ Dunsford 7 Fraser/ Dimitroff
3 Barwise 8 MacIsaac/ Matheson
4 Callaghan 9 Reid/ O’Rourke
5 Hughes/ Sutherland  

Draw / Schedule

(drag to scroll table left and right on small touchscreens)

Date Time Draw # Ice
Ice 6 BYE
Wed. Dec. 8 10 am 1   1-Clar/Higg vs 2-Sand/Duns 3-Barwise vs 4-Callaghan 7-Fras/Dimi vs 9-Reid/O’Rou     5-Hugh/Suth
11:15 am 2   6-Stav/Sing vs 7-Fras/Dimi 8-MacI/Math vs 9-Reid/O’Rou 1-Clar/Higg vs 5-Hugh/Suth 2-Sand/Duns vs 3-Barwise   4-Callaghan
1:30 pm 3     2-Sand/Duns vs 5-Hugh/Suth 6-Stav/Sing vs 8-MacI/Math 1-Clar/Higg vs 4-Callaghan   3-Barwise
Dec. 9
10 am 4   4-Callaghan vs 5-Hugh/Suth 1-Clar/Higg vs 3-Barwise   6-Stav/Sing vs 9-Reid/O’Rou   2-Sand/Duns
11:15 am 5     7-Fras/Dimi vs 8-MacI/Math 2-Sand/Duns vs 4-Callaghan 3-Barwise vs 5-Hugh/Suth   1-Clar/Higg
1:30 pm 6     SEMI 1A vs 2B   SEMI 1B vs 2A    
3 pm 7       FINAL      
Both pools will play a single round-robin.
Games – Teams play an extra end with 3 rocks each
Playoffs – 1st by wins and losses by team, 2nd by head to head results, 3rd by points – 3 pts for a win, 0 pts for a loss, 1 Point per end, ½ pt for a blank end, 3 pts (MAX.) difference of score


Team Rosters


Maple Leaf Curling Club

Anne Barwise, Sherill Barwise


Western Community Curling Club

Audrey Callaghan, Walter Callaghan

Clarke/ Higginbotham

Cornwall and Montague Curling Clubs

Gloria Clarke, Sterling Higginbotham

Fraser/ Dimitroff

Cornwall and Montague Curling Clubs

Janette Fraser, Carl Dimitroff

Hughes/ Sutherland

Cornwall Curling Club

Elaine Hughes, Bryan Sutherland

MacIsaac/ Matheson

Maple Leaf Curling Club

Judy MacIsaac, Bob Matheson

Reid/ O’Rourke

Cornwall Curling Club

Etta Reid, Tom O’Rourke

Sanderson/ Dunsford

Cornwall Curling Club

Myrna Sanderson, John Dunsford

Stavert/ Singleton

Cornwall Curling Club

Ruth Stavert, Glen Singleton

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