Ferguson-Logan Montague Funeral Home PEI Stick Curling Championships start Tues. in Crapaud

The previously-postponed 2022 Ferguson-Logan Funeral Home PEI Stick Curling Championships, with both Open (any combination of male/female) and Women’s Divisions, will now be held at the Crapaud Community Curling Club from March 8-10. There are 13 teams in the Open (any combination of male/female) divison, divided into a seven and a six team pool, both of which will play a single-round-robin format, while the Women’s event has four teams, and will play a double round-robin. Defending Open champions Clair Sweet and Bob Matheson from the Maple Leaf Curling Club in O’Leary, as well as last year’s Women’s champs, the Cornwall duo of Gloria Clarke and Ruth Stavert, are both back looking to defend their titles.

Playoff Round

The Women’s playoff round will see the second-place team from the double round robin take on the 3rd place one in the semi-final, with the winner taking on the first place team in the championship game. The Open division playoff round will see the 2nd place team from Pool A take on the 3rd place team from Pool B in quarter-final game Q1, and the 3rd place team from Pool A play the second place team from Pool B in the Q2 quarter-final game. Semi-final game 1 will see the winner of Q1 play the first-place team in Pool B, while semi-final game 2 will see the winner of Q2 play the 1st place team in Pool A. The semi-final winners square off in the Championship Final. In the Women’s event, the second and third place teams out of the Double Round Robin play in the semi-final, with the winner of that game taking on the 1st place team in the Championship Final.

The winning Open and Women’s Division teams are each guaranteed a spot at the 2022 Canadian Stick Curling Championship, April 22 to 25, 2022 at Curl Moncton in Moncton New Brunswick. It is an open competition with a total of 80 teams accepted in open and women’s divisions. The Maritime Stick Championships, originally scheduled for Wolfville NS have been cancelled this season.

No spectators are permitted at the PEI event. Live, end-by-end results will be available at https://peicurling.com/scoreboard/#!/competitions/7375

PEI Ch’ship Team Rosters

(Short Names are used in the website “mini scoreboard” on the right sidebar of PEICurling.com)

Team Name Short Name Roster Club
O-Callaghan/Vincent O-Call/Vinc John Vincent, Walter Callaghan Western Community
O-Dimitroff/Blue O-Dimi/Blue Carl Dimitroff, Alvin Blue Montague
O-Dunsford/Sanderson O-Duns/Sand John Dunsford, Myrna Sanderson Cornwall
O-Field/Craswell O-Fiel/Cras Paul Field, Barry Craswell Cornwall
O-Higgbotham/Chaisson O-Higg/Chai Sterling Higginbotham,
Urban Chaisson
O-Higginbotham/Martin O-Higg/Mart Preston Higginbotham
Bob Martin
O-Keefe/McInnis O-Keef/McIn Bernard Keefe, Kevin McInnis Cornwall
O-MacDonald/Higginbotham O-MacD/Higg Bazil Higginbotham, Gordon MacDonald Montague
O-O’Rourke/Singleton O-O’Ro/Sing Glenn Singleton, Tom O’Rourke Cornwall
O-Power/Kerwin O-Powe/Kerw Bill Power, Howard Kerwin Montague
O-Renaud/Messet O-Rena/Mess Rick Renaud,
Randy Messett
O-Sawatsky/Dunn O-Sawa/Dunn Chuck Sawatsky, Tom Dunn Cornwall
O-Sweet/Matheson O-Swee/Math Clair Sweet, Bob Matheson Maple Leaf
W-Callaghan/Barwise W-Call/Barw Audrey Callaghan, Anne Barwise Western Community
W-Craswell/Field W-Cras/Fiel Myrna Craswell, Bernie Field Cornwall
W-Reid/Hughes W-Reid/Hugh Etta Reid, Elaine Hughes Cornwall
W-Stavert/Clarke W-Stav/Clar Gloria Clarke, Ruth Stavert Cornwall

Pools, Draw/Schedule

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2020-2021 event: https://peicurling.com/stick20202021/

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