Cornwall and S’Side men 3-0, Montague and S’Side women 2-1 after day two play at PEI Curling Club Ch’ships in Summerside

The 2022 PEI Curling Club Championships, with 7 men’s and  4 women’s teams who won their respective club championships, continue at the Summerside Curling Club. Following Friday play there are two unbeaten (3-0) rinks in the round-robin men’s section — the Cornwall team, skipped by Robbie Doherty, and the Jamie Newson-skipped Summerside foursome , while the Montague team, captained by Lynn Anne Brousseau, and the Summerside rink skipped by Veronica Smith are both 2-1 in the double round-robin women’s division.

The winning men’s and women’s rinks will advance to the 2022 Everest Curling Club Championships, Nov. 20-26, 2022 at a location to be named.

Round robin action wraps up on Saturday. Tiebreaker games will not be played. When teams are tied for a Championship Round position, their round-robin game against each other will determine their ranking and therefore how the teams are positioned in the playoff draws. If there is an insolvable tie, the last stone draw distance will determine the rankings. The top 3 teams in both divisions advance to the Sunday Championship Round. 2nd place plays 3rd, with the winner taking on the first-place team in the championship game. If the 1st place team was unbeaten in the round-robin but loses the championship match, a 2nd championship game will then be played.

Live, end by end results are available at:!/competitions/7383

Spectators are permitted, but the number will be limited, as this event is being played during Step 2 of the Moving On plan where the number of people interacting at an event is restricted to 100 or fewer each day, 

Draw and Schedule

Team Rosters

(M=Men, W=Women, numbers = throwing order, S = Skip)

M-Cornwall CC

Cornwall Curling Club

Robbie Doherty (4-S), Kyle Holland (3), Brooks Roche (2), Lincoln Peters (1), Ryan Giddens

M-Crapaud CCC

Crapaud Community Curling Club

Alan Inman (4-S), Daniel MacFadyen (3), Nathan Hardy (2), Matthew Hardy (1)

M-Maple Leaf CC

Maple Leaf Curling Club, O’Leary, PEI

Glen Betts (4-S), Ian MacMillan (3), Paul Wood (2), Ricky Jones (1)

M-Montague CC

Montague Curling Club

Shane MacDonald (4-S), Larry Richards (3), Jeff Shaw (2), Donald Clarey (1)

M-Souris CC

Souris Curling Club

Shane MacClure (4-S), Donald Bergeron (3), Michael Robinson (2), Martin Cheverie (1)

M-Summerside CC

Summerside Curling Club

Jamie Newson (4-S), Dennis Watts (3), Corey Miller (2), Terry Arsenault (1), Andrew MacDougall

M-Western CCC

Western Community Curling Club

Freddy Fraser (4), Daryl MacDonald (3-S), Paul McRae (2), Eric McCarthy (1)

W-Cornwall CC

Cornwall Curling Club

Karen Currie (4-S), Mellissa Creighton (3), Angela Sanderson (2), Jenine Bodner (1)

W-Crapaud CCC

Crapaud Community Curling Club

Julie Mutch (4-S), Lindsay Moore (3), Terri Wood (2), Heather MacRae (1)

W-Montague CC

Montague Curling Club

Lynn Anne Brousseau (4-S), Cara Eastman (3), Erinn Chappell (2), Gaylene Nicholson (1)

W-Summerside CC

Summerside Curling Club

Veronica Smith (4-S), Julia Hunter (3), Emily Gray (2), Sabrina Smith (1)

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