Join the Conversation on Volunteerism for the Future of Curling

Next CurlTopia Session will be May 28 (6:30-7:15pm)
In this session we will Volunteerism for the Future of Curling with Shaminda Perera. 
Find more information and register here

The future of curling starts at the club level and so we want provide an opportunity for us all to sharpen our skills, expand our knowledge, and learn from each other so we can deliver rewarding curling experiences to existing and emerging users in ways that appeal to them.

Curl PEI will be hosting a series of online discussions, we are calling CurlTopia Sessions, for any and all who are interested in helping to shape the future of curling on PEI.  These sessions will have a Club focus and will include topics such as Trends, Volunteerism, Fundraising, Marketing, Inclusivity and more.  They will be free, online and open to all.  Participants will be expected to watch or listen to one of The Future of Curling Masterclass presented by Curling Canada before joining an online discussion.  We are planning to have most, if not all, masterclass presenters join us online to be a part of the discussion.

For more information please reach out to Amy Duncan at [email protected]


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