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Cornwall teams beat defending champs to claim stick curling titles (Journal)

ALBERTON – For the second time in their stick curling careers, Elaine Hughes and Etta Reid are the Ferguson-Logan Montague Funeral Home P.E.I. women’s stick curling champions.


Provincial stick curling co-ordinator Ernie Stavert prevents the women’s championship trophy to Etta Reid, left, and Elaine Hughes. They dethroned seven-time provincial champions Gloria Clarke and Ruth Stavert 5-4 in the final. Eric McCarthy photo.

The Cornwall team defeated clubmates and defending champions, Gloria Clarke and Ruth Stavert, 5-4 in the championship final at the Western Community Curling Club on Thursday afternoon.


Ernie Stavert, centreco-ordinator for the P.E.I. provincial stick curling championships, presents the Open Division championship trophy to Barry Craswell, left, and Sterling Stratton. This is their third provincial title together. Stratton also has two provincial titles to his credit with Stavert. – Eric McCarthy

Another Cornwall team, Sterling Stratton and Barry Craswell, won the Open Division – their third win in four years. They defeated the Montague team of Floyd Stewart and Gordon MacDonald 8-0 in the final after knocking off the defending champions, Walter Callaghan and John Vincent, from the host club, 4-3 in the semifinal. It was the defending champs’ only loss of the three-day tournament.
Stewart and MacDonald also advanced to the final with a close 2-1 win over another Western team, Winston Keough and Harvey Holm, in a six-end game that featured four blanked ends.

The top four Open Division teams and top two Women’s Division teams advance to the Maritime stick curling championships, in Chester, N.S., from March 23 to 25. The winners of the Open Division also earn the right to participate in the 2018 Canadian Open stick curling championships in St. Albert, Alta.

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The 2018 Provincial 2-person Stick Curling Championships, sponsored by Ferguson-Logan Montague Funeral Home, with Open (any combination of men and/or women) and Women’s divisions, takes place February 6-8 at the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton. The top four Open division teams and top two women’s division duos from this event advance to the Maritime Stick Curling Championships, in Chester, Nova Scotia from March 23-25, while the winners of the Open division also earn the right to participate in the 2018 Canadian Open Stick Curling Championship, April 2-5 at the St. Albert Curling Club in St. Albert Alberta.

The defending champions – the Walter Callaghan and John Vincent duo from the Western Community Curling Club in Alberton in the Open division, and the Gloria Clarke and Ruth Stavert team from the Cornwall  Curling Club are back looking to defend their titles.

The 12 Open Division teams are divided into two pools, each playing a round robin, with the top three teams from each pool advancing to the playoff round. The four Women’s Division teams will play a double round robin, with the second and third place teams advancing to a semi-final, with the winner facing the first place team in the final.

Draw and Schedule

Round RobinRound RobinDouble Round Robin
Open Pool AOpen Pool BWomen Pool C
AHogan1Smith/ BarwiseW1Foley/ Ellsworth
BHigginbotham2Keough/ HolmesW2Reid/ Hughes
CStewart/ MacDonald3Martin/  JayW3Barwise/ Callaghan
DFisher/Stavert4HackettW4Stavert/ Clarke
ECallaghan/ Vincent5Bernard/ Gavin    Open Division Playoff Round is in Green
FHardy/ Pendergast6Craswell/ Stratton
DateTimeDraw #Ice 1Ice 2Ice 3
Feb. 6
10:15am1Smith/ Barwise vs Keough/ HolmesMartin/  Jay vs HackettBernard/ Gavin vs Craswell/ Stratton
11:30am2Hogan vs HigginbothamStewart/ MacDonald vs Fisher/ StavertCallaghan/ Vincent vs Hardy/ Pendergast
12:45pm3Foley/ Ellsworth vs Reid/ HughesKeough/ Holmes vs Craswell/ StrattonBarwise/ Callaghan vs Stavert/ Clarke
3:15pm4Martin/  Jay vs Bernard/ GavinHigginbotham vs Hardy/ PendergastSmith/ Barwise vs Hackett
4:30pm5Stewart/ MacDonald vs Callaghan/ VincentSmith / Barwise  vs Martin/  JayHogan vs Fisher/ Stavert
5:45pm6Reid/ Hughes vs Stavert/ ClarkeFoley/ Ellsworth vs Barwise/ CallaghanKeough/ Holmes vs Bernard/ Gavin
Feb. 7
9am7Hackett vs Craswell/ StrattonHogan vs Stewart/ MacDonaldHigginbotham vs Callaghan/ Vincent
10:15am8Fisher/ Stavert-Hardy/ PendergastFoley/ Ellsworth vs Stavert/ ClarkeReid/ Hughes vs Barwise/ Callaghan
11:30am9Smith/ Barwise vs Bernard/ GavinKeough/ Holmes vs HackettMartin/  Jay vs Craswell/ Stratton
2pm10Hogan vs Callaghan/ VincentHigginbotham vs Fisher/ StavertStewart/ MacDonald vs Hardy/ Pendergast
3:15pm11Barwise/ Callaghan vs Stavert/ Clarke Foley/ Ellsworth vs Reid/ Hughes
4:45pm12Smith/ Barwise vs Craswell/ StrattonKeough/ Holmes vs Martin/  JayHackett vs Bernard/ Gavin
6pm13Hogan vs Hardy/ PendergastHigginbotham vs Stewart/ MacDonaldFisher/ Stavert vs Callaghan/ Vincent
7:15pm14Foley/ Ellsworth vs Barwise/ CallaghanReid/ Hughes vs Stavert/ Clarke 
Feb. 8
12 noon*15Q1(O)Q2(O) 
1:15 pm*16 Reid/ Hughes vs Barwise/ CallaghanFoley/ Ellsworth vs Stavert/ Clarke
3 pm*17SEMI(W)SEMI(O)1SEMI (O)2
4:30 pm*18FINAL (O)FINAL (W) 

*Revised times due to road conditions

Open (any combination of men/women) Pools will play a single round robin and the Women’s Pool will play a double round robin

Open Division Playoff Round:
Q1(O) – 2 Place pool A vs 3rd place pool B
Q2(O) – 3rd place pool A vs 2nd place pool B
SEMI (O) 1 – winner of Q1(O) vs 1st place pool B
SEMI (O) 2 – winner Q2(O) vs 1st place pool A
Final (O) – winner SEMI (O) 1 vs winner of SEMI (O) 2

Women’s Division Playoff Round:
SEMI (W) – 2nd place vs 3rd place
FINAL (W) winner SEMI (W) vs 1st place

Games – Teams play an extra end with 3 rocks each

Playoffs – 1st by wins and losses by team, 2nd by head to head results, 3rd by points – 3 Pts for a win, 0 pts for a loss, 1 Point per end, ½ pt for a blank end, 3 pts (MAX.) difference of score


 Team Rosters

(Click Team name for players)

Open Division (any combination of male/female)

Alvin/Janet HackettWestern Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE
Bernard/GavinWestern Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE
Callaghan/VincentWestern Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE
Craswell/StrattonCornwall Curling ClubCornwall PE
Fisher/StavertCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
Hardy/PendergastWestern Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE
HigginbothamMontague Curling ClubMontague, PE
Keough/HolmesWestern Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE
Martin/JaySilver Fox Curling & YachtSummerside, PE
Smith/BarwiseMaple Leaf Curling ClubO’Leary, PE
Stewart/MacDonaldMontague Curling ClubMontague, PE
Victor/Dianne HoganWestern Community Curling ClubAlberton

Women’s Division

W-Barwise/CallaghanWestern/Maple LeafAlberton and O’Leary, PEI
W-Foley/EllsworthWestern Community Curling ClubAlberton, PE
W-Reid/HughesCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE
W-Stavert/ClarkeCornwall Curling ClubCornwall, PE